Pack & Ship

At Eagle Postal, our expert team packs and ships thousands of packages a month, so we know what to recommend to get your shipment to its destination on time, at the lowest cost, or whatever your needs may be. We ship with every courier, so we can help you find the best solution. As a local small business, our focus is on making your life easier, so whatever you’re shipping—freight, luggage, jewelry, or a letter—we’ll help you get done fast and get on your way.

Notary Services

Our NNA-certified notaries are available to notarize your important documents, including loans, wills, deeds, and powers of attorney. No need to call ahead—we’ll get you in and out quickly.


Let us be your shipping department. Whether Need a new or renewed passport for your next trip? We’ll take a new passport photo for you in minutes. And if an unexpected trip comes up, our expedited service can get a brand-new passport or visa to you in as little as one day.


Shredding documents is a smart way to protect your own and others’ privacy. Drop off any papers you need shredded, and we’ll take care of it on-site with our industrial cross-cut shredder.


Some unemployment, healthcare, and other documents need to be faxed—fast. We offer reliable physical and e-fax services to help ensure your forms get where they need to go with no hassle.

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